How to load your Excel sheet onto EBC Web Shop

  1. Prepare your order and save it in 97/2003 Excel format on your computer with the following columns, without column headings.
    • Part Number
    • Quantity
  2. Log into the webshop
  3. Click on your basket (empty) at top right of screen
  4. Basket tools click on 'Import Products from Excel'
  5. Use browse to take you into your computer and click on your order created earlier to open
  6. Upload file and this will appear on the web shop (It will tell you if the product code is incorrect 'Product Not Found'. If this happens advise us and we will help
  7. Click on add products to basket and it will ignore the products not found and just upload the correct parts
  8. Go down to the bottom of order and press 'Checkout'
  9. If need to change delivery addres you have the option here
  10. Click next then insert your order number and you need to click on one of the delivery costs it does not matter which one as we will amend this our end
  11. Click on next and you can review your order and at the bottom you have 4 options please click on the one you want us to prepare your order
  12. Agree to the terms and conditions
  13. Click on place your order
  14. You will receive an email confirmation and so will we and then we start preparing your order